Notice of Life Change: Heading to New Mexico and LANL

For those who haven't heard yet: Leigh and I are moving to Santa Fe! I am joining the HPC-3 team at Los Alamos National Lab as a Cluster Administrator helping to manage the Lab's production HPC systems. Leigh will be skating with Duke City Roller Derby... and is also in process on her new job hunt, but we all know roller derby is the important thing. ;-)

I really enjoyed my time at NVIDIA and in the Bay Area, and there are many people we'll miss there... but I'm also really excited for my new position at the Lab, and Santa Fe looks like it will be an awesome place to live.

Leigh and I loaded the cats in the car this morning to begin the long drive to New Mexico, and we will be arriving in Santa Fe this weekend. I'm starting at LANL on June 16. If you're in the area of Santa Fe or Los Alamos and want to meet up for beer/coffee/etc, let me know!

Mr Darcy navigating

When we started the drive this morning, our cat Mr Darcy decided to help navigate...