Interesting startup for managing research labs

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While I don't work in a research lab anymore, I was still pretty impressed by a new YC startup I ran across tonight: Quartzy, a web application for managing laboratory inventories. This might not sound like much, but it's potentially very useful: in my research on doing polymer lithography in microchannels, at one point I was keeping track of over a dozen monomer solutions and a bunch of different dyes, photoinitiators, and other reagents... and I was dealing with a relatively simple system (chemically, anyway).

It's nice to see YC funding something other than a consumer-oriented webapp, and also cool to see the webdev crowd taking the needs of research labs seriously. Quartzy is also apparently developing a mobile app, which makes it more likely that harried grad students might actually use an inventory system.

(I'm not sure "more likely" is the same thing as "likely", though...)