Machine learning course

layout: post published: true Date: 2010-01-15 Tags: - geekery - machine learning - math - stanford posterous_url: posterous_slug: machine-learning-course While I'm taking a break from coursework this semester to focus on
research, I really don't want this to become a semester where I don't
learn anything interesting outside my tiny project. I don't want
homework deadlines, but I do want to keep my brain expanding.

Usefully, I've just discovered a machine learning course from Stanford which has all the lectures, videos,
etc. up on the web. This seems like something reasonable for me to
play with during some downtime, especially since machine learning and
statistics are things I've always been interested in. It also seems
like a good excuse to keep this blog revitalized. :)

I'll start on lecture 1, and as I go try to summarize the essential
features as I go. Watch this space.