Migrated from Posterous to Octopress

Today I decided to take a leap I'd been thinking about for a while, and migrated my blog from Posterous to the Jekyll-based Octopress, a static page-generator. I did this partly because I've been losing faith in Posterous, partly because I've been meaning to play with Jekyll/Octopress for a while, and partly because I'd just grown bored with the look of my website.

Honestly, it was surprisingly easy, assuming some basic knowledge of Markdown and git. The docs on the Octopress website were very straightforward, I found a handy script to migrate from Posterous, and it was pretty easy to find a bootstrap-based theme to use for the blog. It worked so well that I decided to go whole-hog and merge in my basic homepage as well as the blog (goodbye, old Wordpress install!) and the whole thing hosts easily at Github Pages.

On the whole I think I like the new look, and I definitely enjoy the new workflow better. (Editing posts in Markdown with vim, hooray!) It also means I'm more independent of hosting providers, as I can generate the whole site statically and put it wherever I like. We'll see if it lasts, or I get bored with it again, but based on a day's interaction, I'm impressed.