So much to learn, so little time!

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A current partial snapshot of my personal, educational to-do list:

  • Work through the Metasploit Unleashed tutorial (security)
  • Read through some old study materials for the SANS security bootcamp (security)
  • Work through the Programming From The Ground Up book on assembly language (programming)
  • Work through K&R C to refresh my C skills (programming)
  • Work through CUDA By Example (programming)
  • Set up my Raspberry Pi as a home server (syadmin)
  • Find more recipes for tofu that I can eat as a meat-eater (cooking)
  • Find more tasty things I can make on the grill (cooking)

  • Re-read Feynman Lectures on Physics (science)
  • Find a decent intro book on epidemiology to find out if it's as interesting as it seems (science)
  • Work through some more machine learning tutorials, refresh my stats skills (math)
  • Work through some examples of numerical programming with MPI (math, programming)

And that ignores the stuff I need to do for work, and my regular every-day life with laundry and needy cats and a still partially-set-up apartment and fun games and a wonderful wife....

(Not that I'm complaining, I have a wonderful life! But's how's an extra 10 hours per day sound?)