Some day I'll actually finish a todo list...

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But for now, there are just so many interesting things to play with!

Ignoring my list of real useful todos for work and life (ha!), I still have way too many personal projects which I can't bring myself to abandon...

  • Train myself back up to decent epee fencing
  • Work my way through a decent book on MPI programming
  • Finish that book on machine learning I've been working on since last year
  • Learn enough practical computer security to be dangerous
  • Work my way through the Ruby on Rails tutorial
  • Find people to build a jazz combo with
  • Build a 3D printer
  • ...

The list really doesn't end.  If I added it all up, won the lottery and quit my job, I'm still not sure I could manage it.  And my job is at least as interesting as most of the things on my fun list!

On the plus side: when I was still in grad school, I was too beaten down to even think about doing most of these things.  The new job has really made almost everything better: more fun, more money, more self-esteem, more motivation, and more smiles for Leigh and the cats.

Now if only I had more free time...