Speaking to Actuaries: an Introductory Talk on High-Performance Computing

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In May 2011 I gave an talk at the Society of Actuaries Life & Annuity Symposium, as a part of the High Performance Computing panel. At R Systems I've worked with a variety of types of customers, including some actuaries: insurance companies have to model many different possible scenarios for their policies, and this can be extremely computationally intensive.  (I actually quite like these customers: a lot of the actuaries I've worked with have very technically-oriented mindsets, perhaps unsurprisingly, and a good appreciation of both the technology and mathematics involved in their work.)  So when the conference organizers invited us to contribute a talk, off I went to New Orleans!

My part of the panel was an introductory talk on HPC combined with a basic case study. It was pitched to the actuarial audience, but I think it's a nice introduction to a lot of HPC concepts in general. It's available publicly at the SOA web site, but I wanted nicer formatting so I uploaded to SlideShare. Enjoy!