Tools of choice, spring 2013 edition

This list encompasses 95% of my daily computer usage, and captures most of the tools that make my life easier, both at work and for general use. I re-do this list every once in a while, partly for my future reference and I guess partly for nerd cred. ;-)

HPC and sysadmin stuff

  • Linux provisioning: Warewulf for HPC or sometimes Cobbler
    • But also looking into OpenStack for some things
    • And of course I use EC2 a lot for when I don't need to own the hardware
  • Configuration management: Ansible is my current favorite, and I occasionally use Chef
  • Parallel SSH: pdsh
  • Cluster resource management: SLURM or sometimes Torque
  • Monitoring with Warewulf (monitor and NHC) and Nagios


  • For almost all prototyping, and many final projects: Python
    • Except networking stuff where I care about performance: Go
    • Or sometimes when I need to dig into the guts: C
  • For scientific computing: NumPy and SciPy

General-use tools: