Vote for the Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy, and get all the nominees for free!

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The Hugo Awards are the premier awards for science fiction and fantasy. The winners are popularly chosen by the fans themselves... or rather, by the attendees at that year's Worldcon. It's always seemed cool to me that the most prestigious awards in SFF are popularly-elected, but having been a poor student for most of my life, I haven't been able to make it to a Worldcon. (This year is Renovation in Reno, so I still probably can't make it.) And even though you can buy a voting-only "supporting" membership for $50, that and the cost of all the books to vote on still seemed like too much of a barrier to consider voting for the Hugos.

Except now I've learned that for the past few years, the always-amusing John Scalzi has been organizing the Hugo Voters Packet: electronic editions of the nominees' work, free to anyone with a supporting membership. Suddenly, $50 membership isn't just the right to vote in the Hugos. It's a massive collection of the best science fiction and fantasy of the past year, in a convenient format, at a great value. (And it's completely official, now that Scalzi is President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.)

So I'm sure you're not surprised that I just payed for my $50 supporting membership at Renovation and downloaded all that shiny, shiny SF. This year's offerings clock in at 904 MB, zipped! (244 MB without the Graphic Novel nominees), for which I think $50 is ridiculously cheap. The ebooks are all in DRM-free RTF, PDF, MOBI or EPUB, which means that they should all be easy to convert and stick on my Kindle. And the Graphic Novels are PDFs... Maybe I talk Leigh into letting me borrow her iPad for those...

So if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, go sign up for a membership, support your fan community, and download some awesome fiction. Really, why not?