Where do we come from? The dark side of the moon!"

Months ago I came across a movie trailer which I had to share with everyone I knew. I was convinced that this movie could be nothing but concentrated awesome. It looked like it had everything an excellent action movie needs... witty dialogue, funny moments, space battles, huge explosions, and of course... Nazis.

Unfortunately, Iron Sky was one of those movies that couldn't quite live up to its own trailer. I still quite enjoyed it, but it definitely falls into the "indie cult B-movie" category, and it isn't a particularly re-watchable example of the genre.

To recap the concept briefly: In 1945, to escape their defeat, the Nazi Party of Germany established a moon base where they would regroup and eventually retake the Earth. In 2018, a returning American mission to the Moon, under the presidency of someone who looks suspiciously like Sarah Palin, discovers the Nazi base. A captured American astronaut, a recon mission to Earth, and an eventual all-out space war follow, with all sorts of hilarity and fun action sequences.

I love the concept, as silly movies go; and since the filmmakers are primarily Finnish, it escapes being a simple "America wins!" movie. But the writing was honestly just... not great. A few of the performances were enjoyable, including Julia Dietze as Renate Richter, but most of them were mediocre and forgettable.

I will say, however, that the production value was amazing. The space sequences looked as good as most recent blockbuster science fiction movies, the world was well-imagined, and there were so many awesome little details. I am not the sort of person to gush about costuming in a movie, but I thought just about everything in the Nazi moon base looked perfect. Whoever the production designers were for this movie obviously had a lot of fun, and did an amazing job. It's only the writers and the actors who disappointed me. :-)

Verdict? Definitely worth watching, but only once. Rent it from Amazon, don't buy it.